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Related post: Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 16:32:25 -0500 From: numlfl Subject: The Rich Little Home Builders - Part Two This story is the property of the author. You may keep a copy on your computer for personal enjoyment, however if you wish to publish or distribute the story then you must get the permission of the author. The Rich Little Home Builders Part TwoBy Chris She heard the alarm go off and as she began to stir, she realized that someone was in bed with her. She started to panic but then she smelled a very familiar scent. She opened her eyes to see Daphne lying beside of her who was also just waking up. "Morning," Daphne said as she leaned across Christine to turn off the alarm clock. Christine felt Daphne's breasts pressed against her own breasts. A part of her wanted to push Daphne off of her and another part wanted to put her arms around her pulling her in tight. In the end, the two parts canceled each other out russian defloration and she just lay there. She felt those hard nipples pressing into her breasts and she felt her own nipples betraying her as they hardened too. Daphne seemed to be taking her sweet time on turning off the alarm but she did manage to get the damn thing off. "Don't I get a Good Morning?" Daphne asked of her as she lay on her side beside of her. Christine looked at Daphne's exposed breasts for a second before looking into Daphne's eyes. "Yes you do, Good Morning to you, I hope that you slept well last night." Christine told her as she smiled. "I slept very well, thank you." Daphne replied being as formal as Christine was. Christine looked into Daphne's eyes for a moment and before she could get lost in those pretty eyes she said, "I do believe that we had better get our buns in gear before Bud comes a knocking." "Oh hell let him bloody well try." Daphne said laughing and that made Christine laugh with her and the laughing made her relax more about being so close to Daphne when they were both just wearing their panties. "That sounds good, let's just lay here all day." Christine said as she laughed, then she lay on her back beside of Daphne. Daphne also turned over laying on her back though she did scoot up close to her. She put her hand behind her head and Christine raised her head laying it back down on Daphne's arm. "So we are really going to lie in bed all day?" Daphne asked. "No..." Christine told her. "That's what I figured." Daphne said with a sigh. "So let's get going before Bud does come knocking." Christine said with her own sigh, and then she sat up. "You want to use the bathroom first?" "No go ahead, you're already up." Daphne said as she turned on her side and put her hands on Christine's ass as she started to get up off the bed pushing her. This made Christine laugh and swat her hands away but she had to admit that Daphne's hands felt nice on her ass. She went on toward the bathroom talking one last look back at Daphne who was lying on the bed with the sheet below her breasts. She hated herself for needing to look back but there was nothing that she could do about that now. When porno in russian she came back out, Daphne had gotten dressed leaving her shirt unbuttoned so that she could put her deodorant on when she went back to the bathroom. Christine had forgotten to take any clothes with her into the bathroom so she was the one walking around half nude. She wanted to cover herself as she saw Daphne eyeing her but she didn't, she just left her arms to her sides and gave Daphne a smile as passed each other. The day turned out to be hot and humid; Christine's clothes were soaked in sweat by ten o'clock that morning. Daphne was still helping the plumber so she was both soaked in sweat and dirty but for Christine it made her cuter seeing the streaks of mud across her forehead. Christine was still helping with the inside as the rooms were divided out and the walls put up. Christine was getting an education about putting up drywall. It was a lot harder than it looked. She was put to filling in the cracks and street girl russian she was going slow as they didn't want too much put up as the more putty she used, the more she would have to sand down later. At lunch and breaks, Christine and Daphne got to sit and talk comparing notes on what they were learning. As they were heading back to the motel, Daphne started to pull out her coin. "No grabbing the coin this time Missy." Daphne told her. "Missy! I have you know that my name is Christine and I expect to be called as such." Christine told her in no uncertain terms like Daphne had told Bud before. Daphne laughed, "I just wanted to make sure you didn't grab the coin." "Okay I won't... tonight." Christine told her. "But you plan on doing so tomorrow." Daphne stated more than asked. "Yep, that is the only way that I can get you to shower first. When you flip, I suspect that I will always be the one to shower first." Christine told her. "True, so how about we just take turns with the showers and massages." Daphne suggested. "That is what I wanted us to do in the first place." Christine told her. "I figured that it was." russian naturist nude photos Daphne said as she put her arm around Christine's shoulders. Christine smiled at Daphne as they walked on to the motel, talking about the day and also what they would be doing the next day. Christine felt comfortable with Daphne's arm around her shoulders but a part of her didn't want to be seen with a woman's arms around her. It wasn't the way that she was raised. When they got back to the motel, Christine let Daphne go in to pee as she grabbed a clean pair of panties and her sleep shirt. When Daphne came out, she went on in to take her shower and get the day's sweat off of her. She took as long as she dared but she knew that Daphne was waiting to take her shower too. Once she was clean and feeling human again, she got out and dried getting her hair mostly dry before putting on her panties and sleep shirt. She opened the door to see that Daphne was down to her panties and waiting patiently. "It's all yours, my lady." She told her. "Thank you love," Daphne told her as they passed by each other. Christine went on to her bed sitting down to finish drying her hair with the towel. She heard the shower coming on and she could almost see in her mind, Daphne in the shower washing herself. Then she shook her head trying to get that erotic image out of her head. She wasn't sure what was happening to her, ever since she had met Daphne, she couldn't keep the feeling that she had always felt buried deep within her. Once her hair was dry, she laid down on her bed. She made herself think about the day that they both had and it was working until Daphne came out of the bathroom just wearing her russian hardcor gallery panties. "What you doing with your shirt still on, I can't give you a massage with it on silly." Daphne said as she walked over to her bed. She extended her hand to help Christine to sit up. Then she reached down to Christine's waist. As Daphne began to pull her shirt up, Christine naked russian girls tgp looked forward and she found herself looking as Daphne's breasts hanging from her chest. She felt the urge to reach out and cup those lovely breasts in her hands and as she raised her arms up so that Daphne could pull her shirt off, her hands went in the direction of Daphne's breasts but at the last second, she stopped herself. She put her arms on up letting Daphne pull her shirt on off. Christine turned and lay on the bed as Daphne got up on top of her, sitting on her ass. She all russian amateurs closed her eyes as Daphne began to massage her lower back. It felt just as nice as it did the first time and as always, her body began to betray her. Her nipples harden again and her pussy was getting moist. And when Daphne's fingers got to her inner thighs again, her panties got that much wetter. Then when Daphne massaged her ass, it felt so fucking good. However she was glad when Daphne's left her sensitive areas and went back to her lower back where she could just relax and not think of things that she knew she shouldn't. Her eyelids got heavy as Daphne worked her shoulders and she was about asleep when she felt that sting on her ass. "Ouch!" Christine said as she rubbed her bottom and pouted at a grinning Daphne. "Hey, it's my turn." Daphne told her still grinning thus making Christine grin. "Don't worry; tomorrow night it will be your ass stinging." Christine said as she sat up allowing Daphne to lie down in her bed. "Oh I know, but then you are so weak, your slap on my arse doesn't hurt." Daphne told her. "I see, I guess I'll have to do something about that won't I?" Christine said as she got up on Daphne's ass and she began to rub. russian mature girls "Mmmmm... that feels good." Daphne said with a contented sigh that made Christine feel good. Christine kept her feelings in check until she started to work her way up Daphne's legs. She had them parted slightly and Christine's eyes were drawn to that moist spot on Daphne's panties. Her fingers got shaky as they neared Daphne's pussy and she could just get a whiff of her arousal. That just made things worse but she couldn't allow herself to touch Daphne where she wanted to the most. She went on to Daphne's ass which made her pussy get even moister and she stayed there much longer than she had meant to. But then she went onto Daphne's lower back and then shoulders. russian lady for marriage She kept working there until she heard Daphne let out a soft snore and she knew that her new friend was asleep. Christine eased herself off of Daphne and she started to go to Daphne's bed to sleep but then she looked at Daphne's sleeping form and she had this strong desire to be next to her. She hairless russians told herself ls magazine russian not to do what she was doing as she did it. She lay down next to her, cuddling up close as she closed her eyes. She felt Daphne putting her arm around her as she fell asleep. That night, she had some wonderful dreams, none of which she would remember but they would give her a nice feeling when she woke that morning laying beside of Daphne. The alarm went off and this time they both reached up to turn it off. Christine opened her eyes when she felt her hand on top of Daphne's hand on the clock. She also found that their faces were almost touching. "Morning," Daphne said in almost a whisper as she smile appeared upon her face. "Morning," Christine whispered back as she kept her hand on top of Daphne's which was still on the buzzing alarm clock. Their faces remained close together though Christine began to feel uncomfortable but she couldn't move her mind or heart wouldn't let her. Time seemed to stay still as they lay there with them being so fucking close and the damn buzzer buzzing. Daphne pressed the button and the room became deadly quiet. Christine could hear and feel Daphne's breath upon her face as she stayed so close. "How about us calling in sick?" Daphne said breaking the spell as she slowly backed away lying on her back. "I wish we could but I don't think we can." Christine said as she lay down with her head on Daphne's shoulder and she looked up at the ceiling. russian and naked "No we can't, do you want the bathroom first?" She asked though she didn't move. "You can have it first, since I get the bathroom first tonight." Daphne told her though she didn't move either. "Thanks," Christine replied lying still not moving. They both laid there for a few more minutes before Christine finally said, "I don't guess that the house is going to build itself." And she sat up in the bed, and then she looked over as a smiling Daphne before getting up and heading toward the bathroom. That day they were given the privilege of helping the roofers. They would be keeping them supplied with shingles. They first watched russian porn star as each of the men threw a stack of shingles, which came fifty to a stack, over their shoulders and climbing up the ladder. "Well go ahead and grab a stack and get it up there." Daphne told her. "Yea right, it weights more than I do and that says a lot seeing how fat I am." Christine told her. "First off you're not fat; you're just the right weight to me." Daphne said making Christine feel better. "But all the same neither one of us are going to carry those up the latter like they just did." "No, so how we going to do it? You know everyone is watching us to see if we can do it or ask to do something else." Christine told her. "Oh I know they're watching us, so what we going to do? We're two smart girls; we ought to be able to figure a way of getting those bloody shingles up the latter to the roof." Daphne replied as she looked around to see everyone watching but not watching. Christine stepped back studying the problem then an idea came to her. "Wait here." She said in a rush as she sprinted toward the trailer hitched to the bus. She grabbed a couple of ropes bringing them back with her. "Help me bring a few stacks to the ladder." She told Daphne. They each grabbed an end carrying them over to the bottom of the ladder. She then tied a rope around each end. She took both ends of the rope going up the ladder having Daphne follow her up. Once on the roof, she had Daphne take one rope and she the other. They pulled the stack of shingles up the ladder. Once it got to the edge they pulled it onto the roof. She then went back down the ladder, tying a rope around each end of the next stack of shingles russian hard sex girls and she went back up. They pulled this stack up and they then took one to each of the roofers. "I think you're a genius." Daphne said as she pulled her cap off and wiped the sweat off her brow. "It may not be the best or faster way but its working." Christine said proudly. illegal russian sex sites Daphne then went down the ladder to tie the ropes to the next stack. From then on they took turns going up and down the ladder. It was a cloudy overcast day with a nice breeze which was why they sex russian girls had picked this day to roof the house. All the same, it was humid and they were both sweating like crazy. They and the two roofers took several more breaks than everyone else and they were brought lots of cold water to drink. Once they had gotten far enough ahead of the roofers, they were allowed to put a few of the shingles on themselves as the roofers showed them how they were placed and nailed in. They took a long lunch break as they cooled off, with both Christine and Daphne wetting down their heads with the hose that the plumber had running now. The roof was hot but it was a small house so they would be done be mid afternoon. About the time nude russian nudists that they were finishing up, the sun came from behind the clouds. That drained both Christine and Daphne of the last of their strength. They had made a hundred trips up and down the ladder and then carrying naturist russians the heavy stacks of shingles. When they came off the roof, they both had to sit down for a few minutes to get their heads clear. Rita had arrived by then and she came over giving them some cool water and cold rags to cool themselves off. She had the day off from her second job and was helping out with the building. "So you all doing all right? You're both looking a little overheated. " Bud asked as he came over to them. "Yea, we're fine, just not used to the heat." Daphne told him. "Tell russian porn trailers you what, I think your both done enough today." Bud said. "No, we're fine just give us some time to get our legs back under us and then we're ready to go." Christine said as she started to get up but then got a little lightheaded and had to sit back down. "You've done great this week, though you started off a little slow, but then you caught on quickly and showed me that you did want to be here." Bud told them and that made Christine feel good and she saw that Daphne had a proud smile on her face. "We don't want to be treated any different than anyone else." Daphne told him. "You're not." Bud said as he pointed over to the two roofers who were looking a bit pale too and were already gathering up their stuff. "I don't want anyone getting heat stroke. They won't do me any good if they're in the hospital when I need them here. We don't work on Sundays so we'll see you at the diner bright and early Monday morning and be ready to work." Bud said as he walked off. "Thank you," Daphne told him as he was starting to enter the house. "You're welcome Missy." Bud called back to them. "Bastard," Daphne said though she had a smile on her face. "I heard that." Bud said as he went on into the house. Christine's jaw dropped as she looked at a surprised Daphne. "I guess there's nothing wrong with the old fart's hearing." Christine told Daphne. "I heard that too." Bud yelled out the open window frame. Christine blushed profusely at getting caught by Bud and Daphne was trying not to laugh at her. "Let's get out of here before we get into anymore trouble." Daphne said getting up and then helping Christine to her feet. Christine was starting to feel better and she wasn't dizzy when she got up this time. They gathered up their tools, and then went to join the roofers and Wanda in the bus which was cooling off already from the air conditioning. Wanda took them to the motel, dropping them off in front. "So what we going to do the rest of the afternoon?" Daphne asked as they headed toward their room but before Christine could answer she added, "After we take a shower." "We need to do some laundry; I'm running out of clothes to wear." Christine said. "Yea me too," Daphne said then she stopped suddenly and Christine looked to where Daphne was staring which happened to be at the cleaning woman for the motel. "Come on, I got an idea." Daphne said grabbing her hand, leading her over to where the cleaning woman, who turned out to be a lot younger than Christine expected. She couldn't be much more than twenty if that. "You want to make some extra money." Daphne asked the girl who looked at Daphne with an funny expression on her face as she noticed that Daphne still had a hold of Christine's hand so Christine quickly pull her hand away. She knew where Daphne was going now so she spoke up before the girl could say anything, "We need to wash our clothes but neither one of russian i am fool us are much for doing laundry. We would pay you to keep our laundry washed for the rest of the time we're here." "I'd have to go down to the laundry mat and that'll cost money." The girl said with a very country accent. Christine could see that she was still slightly suspicious of them, "Wait right here, we'll be right back." She told her then she pulled Daphne by the sleeve toward their room. "I don't think she trust us." Daphne said when they got to their room. "Do you blame her, we're all sweaty and we both have funny accents. And we're not from around here. So there is a lot for her to be suspicious about. Now let's get our dirty clothes together and bring them to her. Do you have any small bills?" Christine said as she started to gather her dirty clothes together. "Yea I got several twenties, why?" Daphne asked as she too was gathering her clothes together. "All I got is porn passwords russian hundreds, so I'll have russians kids nude to pay you back." Christine told her. "Why not just give her a hundred? It's worth that much to me to get our laundry done." Daphne told her. "Do you think that's she trust a hundred dollar bill from a couple of weird strangers? She's probably never held a hundred in her hand before so let's pay her in what she has seen." Christine told her. "Oh okay, I can see that." Daphne said as they finished getting their clothes in a couple of laundry bags. The girl was just coming out of another room when they got to her and she eyed them carefully then she eyed the money that Daphne was holding. "Here's sixty dollars and here's our laundry. We'd really appreciate you helping us out here." "I'm working now, I'd have to do it after work and bring it back to you tomorrow." She said not yet taking the money. "That's fine; you can wash what we're wearing now. We were helping to roof the house that their building for..." Christine was saying when the girl stopped her. "You're part of the group that's building Rita and her girls a house." The girl said. "Yes do you know her?" Daphne asked. "She's my older sister." The girl told them. "We thank you for what you're doing. She's had a hard time of it since Josh died." "We're just doing a small part; Bud and the rest of them are doing most of the work." Daphne told her. "We thank you all the same." The girl said as she went and hugged them russian nymphs anal sex both even though they were both soaked in sweat. "I'll wash your clothes and you don't have to pay me." She went on to say. "Oh no, it's worth it to us to get our laundry done." Christine said as she pressed the bills into the girl's hand. "Just put your clothes outside of the door and I'll pick them back up on my way back through and I'll have them by your door by the time you wake up." She told them. "Thanks," Christine said as she gave her another hug then she turned to walk back with Daphne. "This is a small town movies russian kids porn isn't it?" Christine said as she sat on the bed to take her boots off. "Yea, it is." Daphne said as she sat beside of her taking her boots off. Then she stood up to pull her jeans down as Christine did the same. They both then unbuttoned their shirts and pulled them off. Christine then went to get a laundry bag from the russian private photos closet to put their clothes into when she saw Daphne russian lessons porn taking her bra off. "What you doing?" Christine stopped to ask. "If she's going to wash our clothes, she might as well wash all of them." Daphne said as she put her bra on top of her jeans and shirt. Then she put her hands to the waist band of her panties. Christine's mouth went dry as she watched Daphne's panties being pushed down. She saw loita russian the top of Daphne's black pubic hair. The panties went on down and her full bush came into view. Christine could see the pink flesh from under the hair and she involuntarily licked her lips. Daphne smiled at her as she bent over to get the panties off the floor. She then walked slowly over to where Christine stood there motionless. "Come on girl; get those knickers and bra off so they can be washed." Daphne said as she took the bag from her. Daphne went back over to the bed bending over to get both of their clothes and putting them into the bag. Christine could see Daphne's pussy lips peeking from between her legs and her cute little butt. Daphne raised back up and she looked over at her, "You going to finish undressing or do you want me to help?" Daphne asked as she gave her a little wink that made Christine blush. "No I can do it." Christine said quickly. She put her shaking hands to her back unhooking her bra and throwing it to Daphne who placed it into the bag. Then she put her fingers to her panties. She hesitated for a second before taking a deep breath and pushing her panties down. She left her bush full like Daphne and like her she trimmed the sides so that no hair would stick out when she wore a bathing suit. Her pussy hair was a lighter shade of brown than her the hair on her head. russian bj video She just hoped that it was dark enough to cover the moisture that was there. She let them drop to the floor and then she picked them up tossing them to Daphne. It was only when they were in mid air that she realized that she shouldn't have done that as Daphne would be able to feel the moisture in the crotch. "Get me one of your hundred dollar bills." Daphne said as she put the panties into the bag though Christine could see her feeling of them. "Why?" Christine asked as she walked over to her purse and pulling out a hundred dollar bill. "Because we're going to give it to our laundry girl; that way she can buy some things for those little rug rats of Rita." Daphne said and Christine couldn't help but smile at her friend. "I knew you were a softie." Christine said as she came to Daphne handing her the money. "Shut up." Daphne said with a snarl that made Christine laugh. She watched nudist russian sluts her go over to the table and she bent over giving Christine another look at her pussy from between her long firm legs. Daphne wrote quickly then she handed the note to Christine who read it before placing it on top of the bag. "For you, Rita and her kids, buy something nice that you've never been able to before." Then she signed it D&C. "Do you think they'll do that or buy something they need?" Christine asked. "Probably something that they need or it will go for the girls but that is up to them. At least the girls will have something nice." Daphne told her as she took the bag to the door opening it just enough to put the bag outside the door then shutting it quickly. "Yes they will." Christine said feeling good about doing something good with her money for once. "Come on, let's take a shower." Daphne said grabbing Christine's hand as she went by. "No you go first." Christine said as she started to pull her hand away but Daphne had too tight a grip. "Hey, we both need a shower badly and we've now seen each other naked so it's no big deal is it?" Daphne said pulling her on into the small bathroom. "The shower's too small for both of us to fit." Christine told her however even free russian nude boys after Daphne let go of her hand, she didn't move from the bathroom. "No it isn't, we'll fit just fine." Daphne said turning to face her and giving her a big smile. "All the same, I'll just wait until you're done with your shower." Christine was saying as the put the lid down on the toilet and was about to sit down when Daphne caught her arm. "The water's warm, let's get this sweat off us then go get something to eat, I'm starving." Daphne said as she turned Christine around pushing her into the shower. Christine was stuck now so she went on into the shower with Daphne's hands on her hips and she saw that Daphne was following her into the little shower. "See there's plenty of room." Daphne said as she stood under the spray of the shower. "Yea there is." Christine had to admit as she age under russian schoolgirl and Daphne had just enough room to move around but that was it. "Now it's your turn to get wet." Daphne said as she again put her hands on her hips and guiding her around so that she was now under the water. Christine let out a sigh as the warm water sprayed down upon her. She closed her eyes for a moment and just let the water refresh her body. When she opened them, she saw Daphne smiling at her and Christine felt herself busty russian boobs smiling back. Daphne had a bottle of bath soap in her hand, pulling some in her own hand and then some in Christine's hand. Chrisitne had to move out from under the water putting them very close together. Daphne began to wash as Christine looked on the when she saw Daphne looking at her, she too began to wash. With them standing so close together washing, it was impossible for their bodies not to touch every so often. Each touch set a shock wave through Christine's body and she felt her pussy getting wet. When Daphne's elbow brushed across her right breast, she let out a little moan as her nipples harden. She looked at Daphne hoping that she didn't hear her over the shower and she appeared not to have or at least she didn't say anything. However after that moan escaped Christine's lips, Daphne's arm or shoulder began to accidently brush her breasts several more times. And as much as she didn't want to, her elbow and shoulder touched Daphne's body as they washed. It was only when they went to rinse off and washed their hair was Christine able to stand far enough away from Daphne's lovely body to keep from them touching. But that didn't prevent her eyes from taking in the beauty of Daphne's body. Once Daphne had finished rinsing her hair, she moved so that they could change places so that Christine could rinse hers. Just as they were facing each other, Christine felt her right foot slip on the bottom of the tub. Her body went forward falling against Daphne's body. Daphne caught her, wrapping her arms around her body to hold her up and keep her from falling. Christine felt Daphne's hard nipples pressed in against her breasts. Christine looked into Daphne's eyes and she saw something there that she had seen before but had denied seeing. However now that she was in Daphne's grasp, she couldn't deny seeing it and she knew that her own eyes were telling Daphne the same thing. She so wanted to move however her legs wouldn't do what her russian boy incest head was telling them to do. She sexy russian lolas saw Daphne bring her head in russian dating tours close and Christine raised free rape russian her head up. Their lips got closer and closer to touching however at the last instant Christine turned her head away. "I can't." She whispered as much to herself as to Daphne. "It's okay," Daphne said as she kissed Christine on the forehead then she helped her get her footing. Christine quickly stepped away, getting under the water to wash the shampoo from her hair. She was cursing herself for letting Daphne get so close to her and cursing herself for not letting her kiss her which she so wanted kidporn russian her to do. She kept her eyes closed long after her hair was rinsed just letting the water run over her and hoping that her mind would sort it all out. But what she knew that she wanted the most, she could never let herself have. When she did open her eyes, she saw that Daphne was staring at her and she could see the hurt in her eyes though she was trying to hide it. Christine wanted to say something but she didn't know what to say. She didn't know how to explain her situation. Daphne gave her a little smile making her feel better but all the same she knew she had hurt her friend. Christine turned away from Daphne to turn off the water and she felt the tears run down her cheek. She had to force russian tiny angels herself to stop them before Daphne saw them. She knew that Daphne would come to her and take her into her arms to stop the tears and Christine feared that if she got that close to Daphne again, she wouldn't have the will to stop her from kissing her. With the water running off of her face, her tears were hid for the most part. But she could see that Daphne saw them all the same and fuck russian schoolgirls when she came toward her, Christine quickly opened the shower door stepping out. Again she saw the hurt in Daphne's eyes and that made her want to cry all the more. She grabbed a towel putting it to her face drying the tears before they really started to flow. She heard Daphne step from the shower and she took a step back giving her room. Christine felt so bad about how she had rejected Daphne, so much so that she found it hard to look at her. "So what do you want to go eat?" Daphne asked as they both dried off thus changing the subject much to Christine's relief. "It doesn't matter to me, whatever you want." Christine said not looking directly at Daphne but at her through the foggy mirror. "I'm in the mood for some good sushi, I wonder if they have a Japanese restaurant around here." Daphne said. "I doubt it." Christine said and she looked into the mirror which was clearing and she saw that Daphne was trying to be funny since she was grinning but then the grin faded when Christine failed to smile. Her mind was still on Daphne almost kissing her and her turning away at the last moment. She heard Daphne talking but she didn't hear much of what she was saying. Her mind was telling her two opposite things. One was to turn to Daphne and shut her up by kissing her and the other part of her told her to go running from the room and getting as far as she could from the vixen that was standing so near. She couldn't make herself do either one so she finished drying her body and left the bathroom without saying anything to Daphne. She went and got her last pair of clean panties, putting them on and then she slipped on her sheep shirt. She went to the bed, slipping under the covers. She had always been a person to face her problems head on but this one she couldn't seemed to be able to face. This one she wanted to hide away from, she just wanted to go asleep and not wake up until the problem was gone. She knew this wasn't going to solve her problem but she didn't know what else to do. A couple of minutes later, she heard Daphne come out of the bathroom. She had her back to the bathroom so she wouldn't have to see her as she knew that Daphne would come out nude. "Don't you want to go get something to eat?" she heard Daphne say. "No go ahead, I'm not hungry. I'm tired and need a nap. Go ahead without me." Christine told her. She heard Daphne hesitate for a long moment before replying, "Oh okay." Christine felt a great relief as she would have some time alone to think. She heard Daphne getting dressed however she felt the tears starting to flow down her cheeks. She realized that while she did want Daphne to go and was glad that she was doing so, she was also sad that she russian in movie xxx was going and not staying to help her figure it all out. But then she knew that this was her problem alone to solve. A couple of minutes later, she heard the door open and then shut. The tears really started to flow down her cheeks. Now that she was alone; she could let it all out thus allowing all those fucking emotions to come out where she could deal with them. She put her hands to her face and she just sobbed. It was then she felt someone sitting on the side of her bed. She slowly turned onto her back and she saw a burry Daphne looking down at her with sad eyes. "Come here girl, we need to talk and I promise I won't try to kiss you ever again." She said as she held out her arms. Christine began to cry harder as she sat up putting her arms around Daphne. She felt Daphne gripping her tightly. "I'm glad you didn't leave me alone." She sobbed into her ear. "I not going to leave you when you need me to listen to what's going on in that bloody head of yours." Daphne told her. Christine cried hard for a few minutes before she was able to get it back together. When she felt that she could talk again, she pulled from Daphne's arms. Daphne video boys russian gave her a tissue to wipe her eyes and blow her nose. "I'm not sure I can tell you what is going on inside my head," She was saying when she saw Daphne about to speak so she put her hand up to stop her. "Because I'm not sure what is going on in there myself." "Can I ask you something first?" Daphne asked. Christine hesitated for a moment before answering her as she feared she already knew what the question would be and she didn't want to have to answer it. "Sure..." She replied. "Did I get my signals crossed? I mean I saw the way that you looked at me and your body's reaction to my touch; I thought that I was reading you right." Daphne said. Christine saw that Daphne was now the one biting her lower lip. "No you didn't get your signals crossed but that's the problem." "Okay, then explain the problem to me as I'm a bit confused." Daphne said. "You're not the only one." Christine said and then she saw Daphne reaching out taking her right hand in hers and giving it a squeeze. This did make her feel better and it gave her the confidence to be able to explain herself. "I'm very much attracted to you but I can't be attracted to you." Christine said and she saw a confused expression on Daphne face. "My family has always been very conservative and I am expected to be the same way. Being gay isn't an option for me. I'm expected to get my degree and follow my father's footsteps. So when the time comes to take over for the family interests, I'll be ready. I am also expected to find a good man to marry and have kids so that they will continue to manage the family's wealth. I have always accepted that this was my lot in life and though I knew deep inside that loltas russian sites I'm attracted to girls, I've always kept that buried deep within me. I was determined to never let it out or let it distract me from my objectives. This has worked until you 2010 wilshire boulevard russian came along. You are so open about whom you are and I envy that but I can't be like you." "I'm not as open as you think I am. I never told anyone at school that I was into girls. I was afraid that I would be ostracized for being a lesbian but I felt like that once I left there I would be more open. I really thought that it would be once I got to Stanford that I would find someone was like me and who I could love but then you came along. I had seen you at school and I have always been attracted to you and that attraction just exploded when I got to know you." Daphne was saying when Christine just had to butt in. "You were attracted to me?" Christine said not believing Daphne, thinking that she was just saying that to make her feel better. "Yes I was and am." Daphne said and she had a sincere smile on her face that Christine couldn't find a crack in so she began to believe her. "But I'm not pretty like you are. I weight too much and my nose is too big and my thighs are as wide as an eighteen wheeler..." Christine was saying when Daphne put a finger to her lips. "I could argue each of those points but I don't think you would believe me so I'm going to tell you something I truly believe. In my eyes you are beautiful, even if your hips are as wide as three eighteen wheelers set side by side." Daphne told her. Christine couldn't help but to smile at Daphne's vivid picture of her hips and she leaned over to give her a hug. "Thank you," she whispered into her ear. russian pis girls porn After they separated, Daphne spoke, "I so want to argue with you about what you feel you have to do but I'm not sure what good it will do. However I russian bare do want to tell you one thing that I truly believe. If you don't accept who you are then you'll never be happy no matter how much money you make for your family. You were born a lesbian and you will be one on the day you die even if you never touch a woman sexually. It is who you are." russian gymnast nude pre nubiles russians "I know that." Christine said sadly. "I'm also going to warn you about something else." Daphne told her. hot russian women "What's that?" Christine asked. erect russian boy "I haven't given up on you yet. I promised you that I wouldn't try to kiss you and I won't. If you want a kiss, you're going to have to ask for it. But I shall continue to tempt you because I think you're worth it. You are funny, strong, real russian pron and very pretty. Those are qualities that I look for in a person and you're worth fighting for. So if russian sexmovies you want me to move into another motel room I will." Daphne told her. lil russian tits Christine knew the smartest thing that she could do was to take Daphne up on her offer. Yet her reply was, "No, I want you to stay here with me." Daphne gave her an almost knowing smile and she knew that she was screwed, "So you still want to go get that sushi?" Christine asked to change the subject. "Of course, let's go see if we can find some." Daphne replied with a smile as she got up off the bed. "Let me go to the bathroom and fix my face and then we'll go." Christine said as she got off the bed, stopping to get her last pair of clean jeans and shirt. When she got inside the bathroom, she looked herself in the mirror trying to see in herself what nude russian kat Daphne obviously saw. She stared for a moment then a moment longer before she began to believe what Daphne had told her at least a part of it. She didn't think she was beautiful but she saw that she wasn't half bad either. She knew that Daphne was getting further under her skin. That wasn't a good thing but then maybe it was. "Damn! Here I go again! You're not going to fall for that British Bitch Chick!" she told herself. "What did you say?" Daphne said through the door. "Nothing honey, be right out." Christine called out. "Oh god now you're calling her honey" She said herself but this time she said it quietly. "Well hurry up, I'm hungry." Daphne said. "I am, hurrying!" Christine said as she tried to hurry and get her face back together. Then she took a deep breath and opened the door. They went out to find something to eat, they didn't find any porn russians sushi of course since the only place to eat was the diner and they didn't russian illegal sluts serve sushi. However they had a nice meal and were able to leave before the rest of the crew got there. "How about going for a walk? The clouds have moved back in and it's finally cooled off." Daphne suggested as they left the diner. "Sounds nice, I wasn't looking forward to spending the rest of the evening just sitting in the room. Now if they had a pool or a hot tub..." Christine was saying when Daphne spoke up. "We'd be right there now." Daphne said laughing. "Which one?" Christine asked. "Oh now you're putting me on the spot." Daphne said as they walked slowly russian preten girl picture down the street. "Yep so which one would we be in?" Christine repeated. "The pool first to cool off and then once it was dark, we'd strip off our suits and hop into the hot tub." Daphne said as she gave her a wink. "So we'd be in the hot tub naked?" Christine asked her. "Of course, isn't that how you soak in a hot tub?" Daphne Nude russian pics naturalists asked as she tried to be serious but then she giggled. "No, but I guess if we happen to come by one, I will have to start." Christine said as she too giggled at her friend. They walked a little further before Christine checked around to see if anyone was close then she asked, "Can I ask you something personal?" "Sure, anything you want to know?" She said as looked over at her. "Have you ever... you know... done it with anyone?" Christine asked not sure why it was important that she know but it was. Daphne stopped walking, turning to face her there in the street. Christine saw that she was measuring her desire to know and maybe trying to figure out if she should answer the question. Just by her doing this, Christine had porn russian mom her answer before Daphne gave it. "Yes I have..." she said and then she hooked her arm into Christine's as she began to walk again. "It was last summer when my mum decided that since I got a B in Ancient History..." Daphne was saying when Christine stopped her. "Didn't you have old Mrs. Bible?" Christine asked her. russian sex slaves "Yea but..." Daphne started to say. "Her tests came right out of the book; you could sleep through her class and get an A. I thought that you were smarter than that." Christine said surprised at Daphne getting a B and also rubbing it in a bit for fun. "Well if you'd give me a bloody minute and let me explain, there was a reason for russian b the B." Daphne told her. "This I got to hear." Christine said grinning from ear to ear. "First off I was taking chemistry, physics, Latin, English comp. along with Ancient history." Daphne said. "Well I took Spanish, xxx russian women English lit., introduction to law as well as ancient history and you know how much reading you have to do for Miss Watson's law class." Christine said proudly. "Do you want to know how I got the B or not?" Daphne said slightly irritated. "I'm sorry, yes I do." Christine said as she got them walking again since Daphne had stopped again to make her point. "First off, she WAS so boring that I did fall asleep in class after staying up all night finishing a term paper in my English comp. class. She woke russian celeb nude me up by hitting me on the back of the head with her hand. Secondly, she caught me video sexe russian studying for my chemistry class so even though I made an A on all my tests she gave me a B because of those two things." Daphne said in defense as she started them walking again. "I studied for my other classes too but I figured out the perfect way to get away with it." Christine told her proudly. "A fool proof method, this I just got to hear." Daphne told her as she stopped them in the middle of the sidewalk. "The first week, you answer every one of her questions; just make a real nuisance of yourself. She will get tired of that and start asking the other kids first. After russian sexi girls that, I would study away on whatever I needed to with a half an ear out for her. When I heard the same question asked and incorrectly answered I would then raised my hand. I'd asked her to repeat the question so I knew what the hell she was talking about then I'd answer it. She never had a nude russian schoolgirls pics clue that I wasn't paying any attention to her class." Christine said grinning russian 14 porno from ear to ear. "Why didn't you tell me that before I took the class?" Daphne asked her. "Because I didn't know you silly." Christine said giving her a smile then she hooked her arm back in with Daphne's arm and she got them started to walk again. They walked on for a few minutes before Daphne asked, "So you still want to know about last summer?" Christine hesitated for a moment as she decided if she really wanted to know then she replied, "Yea, I want to know." "So anyway, my mum decided that I needed a little extra education on ancient history so she decided that instead of spending the summer with my friends in London. She was going to take me to Greece and Rome so I could see history up close. To keep us company, she invited her friend Lady Susan and Lady Susan's daughter Rosemary." Daphne was saying when Christine butted in again. "You did it with a princess? Christine asked shocked. "Well yes she was of royal blood but I didn't think of her as a princess." Daphne told her. "What was that like?" Christine asked. "That's what I'm trying to tell you." Daphne told her acting a little teed off but Christine could see that she wasn't. "Sorry, go ahead. I won't interrupt again." Christine russian holliday naturist sex said after having been properly chastised. "You nude gay russian promise?" Daphne asked. "Ahhh... no." Christine said laughing. "That's what I thought." Daphne said laughing too. "Anyway, I had never met Lady Susan or Rosemary so I was dreading it. I tried my best to talk my incest russian porn way out of going but my mum had put her foot down, I was going whether I liked it or not. I figured I would end up hating both daughter and mother but I was surprised. Lady Susan was very nice and her daughter was also, though I wasn't quiet as welcoming. But I was stuck going so we boarded the plane. We were all in first class with my mum and Lady Susan sitting in front of Rosemary and me. Rosemary began to tell me about herself. She had just completed her first year at Oxford studying to be a Pediatrician. I tried my best to act bored but she just had this personality that you just couldn't help but to like her. So by the time we landed in Athens, I was doing as much talking as she. Once we landed, we were taken to our hotel. There our mothers were given their rooms but it seemed that there was a mix up and Rosemary and I had to share a room. As you can guess, I didn't like that at all." Daphne was saying as she caught her breath. "I bet not. So what did she look like, was she pretty?" She asked her. "Are you jealous?" Daphne russian pre jpg girls asked her as she raised her eyebrows at her. "No of course not, just curious." She replied, though not very convincingly. "So was she, you know beautiful...?" "Beautiful no, she wasn't a Princess Diana lookalike if that is what you have her pictured as, but she was attractive in her own way. She wore thick glasses from reading so much and she was kind of plump. But she had a sweet smile that could warm Scrooge's heart." Daphne told her and that made Christine feel better in that Rosemary sounded much like her except she wore contacts instead of the thick glasses. "So what happened?" Christine said wanted Daphne to continue with her story. "The first few russian ukrainian angels porno days nothing much, we toured some of the ancient ruins in and around Athens. Mum and Lady Susan went with us the first day then she left Rosemary and me on our own. So we would spend the morning doing some touring then the rest of the day shopping and just having fun. After a week there, we went on to Rome. There we each got our own room so Rosemary and I didn't have to share a room. The first day mum and Lady Susan went to see some friends tiny russian gallery of Lady Susan's as Rosemary and I went to the coliseum. We did manage to spend the day there as it was interesting to see. That evening we had a nice dinner and went to see an opera. Then as sexe russian boys I was getting ready for bed I heard a knock on the door. I put a robe on and went to the door. I figured that it would be mum but as I opened the door, I saw Rosemary in her robe." She said giving Christine a smile. "So were you very surprised to see her?" Christine asked. "Yes and no, we had gotten close over that week and she had given me hints that she was into women and I returned those erotic russian same hints." Daphne told her. "I see so what happened after you let her in?" Christine asked. "What makes you think I let her into my room?" Daphne asked. "Oh come on, you wouldn't have even mentioned it if you hadn't let her in." Christine told her. "Okay I let her in and before I could free porn video russian even ask her what she wanted, she had me in her see sexy russian girl arms and was kissing russian lesbian domination me. I russian ******** shower was a little surprised at her aggressiveness at first but then I returned the kiss. As we kissed, Rosemary put her hands on my russian free pic rode and was untying it. She pulled it open then pushed it off my shoulders. I hadn't even put my sleep shirt on so that left me in just my knickers. Her hands went to my breasts, squeezing and caressing them. My knees almost buckled at that point as her hands were so tender and they felt so good." Daphne said as she paused for a moment to let that sink in. Christine felt her panties getting wet as she was becoming stream factory russian tv aroused from the story. She was just glad that the streets were pretty much vacant as they walked. Her own knees were feeling a little weak at this point. She spotted a bench under a big oak tree by the courthouse so she directed them to the bench as Daphne continued with her story. Daphne sat down on the bench and Christine sat by her. "So as Rosemary was kissing me and caressing my breasts, she was pushing me back toward the bed. She slowly ended the kiss then she sat me down on the edge of the bed. She stepped back, untied her rode and opened it. She was naked under the robe and I saw her body. Her breasts were C cup if not D with large areolas. Her pussy was completely void of hair and I could see how aroused she was. She came back to me and I reached up grasping her breasts in my hands. She moaned as I gave them a squeeze then moaned louder as I kissed her left nipple feeling it grow hard in my mouth. She had large nipples that made it easy to suck on. I sucked on one then the other as I moved my right hand down to her pussy. I just had to feel it. I felt how wet she was as I ran my fingers along her lips. I was soaking my knickers by this time. I had wanted to make love to a woman for so long and now here I was doing it with someone that I had grown to trust. She was my friend and I knew that I was safe in her care." Daphne said as she again paused. Christine was moving her legs around trying to get comfortable as she felt her own dreams being played out in Daphne's story. Dreams that she had never let herself go too far for fear of what they meant. "I had just pushed my finger into her pussy feeling how hot and wet she was when she pulled back. I was scared that I had done something wrong when she smiled at me and said, "I'm going to make you feel so good tonight." I smiled back as she dropped to her knees in front of me. She took my fingers that had been playing with her pussy, putting them in her mouth sucking them clean. That was so hot sexy russian erotic that I almost came right there. She kissed me then she moved her mouth to my breasts. She kissed them so tenderly, using her tongue to lick and tease them. While she was doing that her fingers were going up and down my pussy teasing me through my now soaking wet knickers. She teased me until I was about to scream when her hands dropped to my hips. She began to pull my knickers down and I lifted my hips up to let her pull them off. I was so scared and excited at the same time. I watched as she kissed her way up my thighs free russian boy tgp to my pussy. Then she began to lick and I thought that I had died. Within a couple of minutes, she had me cumming so hard." Daphne said with a sigh. russian age porn "Did you make love to her?" Christine asked. "Oh hell yes but only after she had made me cum several more times. We spent the rest of the night making love." Daphne told her. "Did you fall in love with her" Christine asked her. "I loved her and she loved me but we both sort of knew that this was just going to be just for the summer. She had to go back to Oxford nude russian tiny and I back to school. We're still friends but we haven't seen each other since last summer. She has found a lover at Oxford now and they are very happy with each other." Daphne told her. "Oh okay, so tell me about the rest of russian ladies chat rooms the summer." Christine told her. Daphne went on telling her about all that she and Rosemary saw though she didn't go into the lovemaking that they did to the extent that she had of their first time. Christine was sort of glad as she was already too aroused for her own comfort. Daphne talked until the sun began to set and they could hear thunder in the background. When Christine saw the first flash of lightening, they decided it was time to get back to the motel. They were within sight of the motel when the clouds opened up. nude russian free pictures They both screamed and took off in a run. The rain came down hard as the sky lit up with the lightening and the thunder was almost deafening. "Oh god, I'm soaked!" Christine said as she got the door open rushing in with Daphne on her heels. "Me too, even my socks are wet." Daphne told her laughing. "Yea, mine too as well as my last pair of clean panties." Christine said as she had to pull them out of her butt. russian sex blogs "Come on, let's get out of these wet clothes before we catch a cold." She grabbed her hand as she headed toward the bathroom but then she stopped suddenly as she got to the door. "Do you want to go first?" Christine had to grab onto her to keep from free russian amateur running over her, unfortunately when she did so, her hand happened to have grabbed onto her right breast. She left her hand there feeling the soft flesh much longer than was necessary to regain her balance. She felt her face go red and though she had been cold, now she was burning up. "I'm sorry," she stammered out as russian pee she released her breast. Her mind went back to the story that Daphne had told about her and Rosemary and she felt a tingle in her pussy. "It's cool, so you want to go first." Daphne said as she stepped aside. Christine walked on into the bathroom and she turned to close the door. She saw that Daphne was disappointed with her but also accepting of her decision. But that wasn't the decision that she had made. She opened the door with a smile and said, "Come on in. I don't want you to get sick on me and then I'll have to do all the work." "Oh so that's why you want me in there with you?" Daphne asked as she nude russian family gallery raised her eyebrows at her. "Of course, why else would I?" Christine said as she laughed and so did Daphne. They both russian nude girl began to undress and Christine tried not to look at Daphne but that was close to impossible. She felt her body reacting to what she was seeing and her mind kept going back to Daphne's story of her and Rosemary making love. For the first time, she felt like she was coming to terms with the fact that she was a lesbian. After pretty much admitting that to Daphne and hearing Daphne talking about her only romance, she felt like maybe it was okay to be a lesbian. She could see that Daphne was glancing at her body and it made her feel good. She had always been insecure about her body but obviously Rosemary wasn't a supermodel either and Daphne was attracted to her so maybe she was prettier that she thought she was. As she put her panties up on the shower curtain rail, she was glad that the rain had soaked them so Daphne wouldn't be able to see how wet her story had made her. They russian nude tpg dried themselves off then Christine went out to put her shirt on. It felt funny wearing it with no panties amature sex photo russian but she didn't have any choice. A minute or so later, Daphne walked out naked and Christine had to stare. She couldn't help herself. Daphne was so pretty and nice too. Daphne came over to her bed and put her own shirt on without any panties. "Do you want a massage tonight?" Daphne asked. "No I'm tired, let's just go to sleep, okay?" Christine asked as she knew she couldn't trust herself to be that close to Daphne right then. "That's cool, good night sweetie." Daphne said as she bent over to turn off the bedside light. Christine watched as the back of Daphne's shirt rose up and she saw those firm cheeks. "Night," Christine replied as she turned to her side as the light went off. She was tired but her mind wouldn't shut down. The toronto russian female escorts winds of fate had brought her to this point. They had put Daphne right in front of her, like the fates had gone deep into her dreams and found the girl that she dreamed about and thus they created Daphne just for her. She was smart, likeable, a pain in the ass sometimes and beautiful. But the fates couldn't make know what to do. She had to make that decision all tiny nude russian on her own. She knew the easiest thing to do was to close her eyes and forget about what the fates had done for her. russian peeing video porn She could go on with her life, get married to someone her parents would approve of and have some children so that the family could continue to prosper for centuries to come. If that was the easy thing to do then why was making this decision so hard. To come out as a lesbian would bring all types of hell upon herself and she wasn't so sure that she was up to that kind of pressure. Then she began to think about all that she had done this past week. She had never done a lick of physical labor in her life, yet here she was helping to build a house and she was actually enjoying it. She could feel her body getting stronger and from the way that her clothes were getting looser, she tgp russian boys was also losing those pounds that she could never lose before. She rolled over so that she was facing Daphne's bed. There was just enough light coming from the window that she could see her clearly. She saw that she was lying on her back and her breathing was light. Daphne had obviously fallen asleep not troubled by the things that she was now facing. Daphne had already come to that point where she had to make a decision and she did so with ease. But she wasn't so lucky, she had to decide and it appeared that she would do so tonight. She russian schoolgirl naked turned onto her back so that she wouldn't have to look at Daphne's sleeping form as she thought. However the fates weren't through with her as they gave her another push. As about the time that she was sorting through her fears and desires without having Daphne in her every thought, Daphne started to snore. She was never loud in doing so; she just had this soft snore that Christine had quickly gotten used to. Any other night, she would have been able to block it out of her mind but not tonight. So Daphne came back into her thoughts and she slowly came to the realization that she loved this beautiful girl that snored. Tears began to run down her cheeks as she rolled back to her side looking at Daphne once more. She wiped the tears from her eyes as she sat up. She went over to Daphne's bed standing there for a few moments looking down at her lovely body before she reached down pulling the covers up slowly. She eased into the bed beside of Daphne all so gently so as not to wake her. She lay there for the longest time just watching Daphne as she russian sexcams slept. As every second passed, she found that her heart going out to this girl. When she could stand it no longer, she put her hand on Daphne's shoulder, gently shaking it. It only took a moment for Da